Project: The 4 elements of Hip Hop – Art prints
Client: Spiegelssal
Year: 2023

Yo! It’s never too soon to teach your kid(s) about Hip Hop!
Oh absolutely! To help you with this noble task, we created two print series:
1) A fun way to learn about the 4 elements of Hip Hop represented by the toughest street animal of them all!
2) Find out, if you – and that rug rat in your life – know your Hip Hop history! It goes without saying, that this is not limited to YOUR kid(s): If you know other toddlers, who can’t tell Eric Barrier from Erick Sermon, we’d say, it’s your civil duty to educate them too!

These are fine art prints (giclée print) on 190g/m² Hahnemühle “William Turner”
Size: 30 × 30 cm, (11.8 × 11.8″) each.

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The 4 elements of Hip Hop – Rap