Tour poster: Iggy Pop – Free Tour 2022

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We had the honor to do the poster for Iggy Pop‘s European Tour 2022.

Our Idee behind the poster goes something like this:
Nighttime setting, desert, long straight road behind, Iggy is driving towards us with a burning cheetah on the back seat. The cheetah and Iggy are looking quite relaxed, as driving around with a burning cheetah is the most natural thing for him to do. Iggy came a long way, the cheetah (with a heart full of Napalm) stands for Iggy’s past as much as for RnR. …

50 × 70 cm (19.7 × 27.6″)
3-color (orange/yellow/black) screen print on metapaper smooth warmwhite 300 gsm,
Edition: 300 s/n

First a Sleaford Mods tour poster, now Iggy, at least gig poster wise, this year is moving in the right direction.

Some early sketches: