Festival Poster: Reeperbahn Festival


This year’s official poster of the Reeperbahn Festival is all about the love of live music. The RBF logo was printed in opaque white, just like you would do on a flight case. The plan is to add a 2023, 2024… sticker in the coming years.

There are also posters without the RBF logo. You can order a personalised version of the poster, with your own band name, venue name/logo, your snapping turtle’s name… okay, you get the picture.

2022, Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg
50 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.6″)
3-farbiger Siebdruck (silber – rot – blau, schwarz, weiss)
Metapaper, 300 gr. smooth warmwhite
Auflage: 62 s/n (32 silber, 12 rot, 18 blau)

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